Wall Decals for Children


Transform Your Kids’ Room To A Dream Nursery Will Adorable Wall Decals

Have you ever heard of wall decals – or used them in your home?

If yes, you know how great they are in giving rooms more space and a better design. They perfectly align with any home decor – just as they do with your ideas, thoughts and desires when it comes to your room.

However, one of their biggest purposes is when the newborn arrives home. That is definitely a celebration worth remembering – and an event that gets every parent moving, organizing and spending money on.

Well, now you don’t have to spend all your money on fancy toys, kids clothes and room accessories to make the room feel like the perfect nursery. All you need to do is get some wall decals for your baby’s room and make sure they are matching the other furniture items or decor. And that is one of the easiest things to do, right?

Yes – wall decals give any room a special appeal. But when it comes to the nursery room, they can be most adorable and blending with the cribs, baby beds, hanging rattles and cabinets in the most perfect way.

If you already welcomed your baby to the home – or it has grown up a few years- the party doesn’t stop. Customized wall decals can be used for kids of any age, and all it takes is their interest into a movie, cartoon or an image to ‘paint’ it on the wall and make the room their favorite place to be!

There are a lot of wall decals ideas, options and styles for your baby nursery. For example, you can add the name of your baby to the customized wall decal and make the wall image more special, or maybe combine a few photos that perfectly align with your kids’ favorite activities.

The bottom line is that wall decals are the perfect solution for decorating your nursery. You can create the perfect space for your loved one and save time and money.

At Instanx, we pride ourselves on delivering wall decals of any size or type to any home in any area. From matte smooth decals to textured fabrics, we can reinvent your nursery and make it special for the homecoming day of your loved one. Head to our main page for an instant quote!

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