Protect Privacy With One Way Vision Sticker.

One way vision sticker

Protect Privacy With One Way Vision Sticker.

One way vision stickers are perforated self adhesive stickers that can be applied onto glass and clear panel surfaces to display advertising images and graphics. From the outside, when people look at the printed side, they can see the amazing printed graphics while from the inside behind the window, you get a clear unobstructed view of the outside world through the glass. These stickers have become really popular these days, thanks to a growing number of shopping centers, malls and glass facade. The purpose of the one way vision stickers is not only to provide some privacy by hiding the inside view, but also to serve the glass window as a great advertising medium.
How Does a One Way Vision Sticker Work?
Our eye tends to notice brighter colors more than darker colors. The one way vision stickers contain areas of printed graphics as well as transparent areas (50% of the film) without any printing. So, when you look at the side with graphics, the eye is attracted to the printed colors because they reflect more light when compared to the light that passes through the transparent areas. This is possible only if the lighting on the outside is brighter than the lighting inside. When we look at the printed graphics from the outside of the window, we see the advertisement on a solid piece of vinyl. However, when viewed from inside, the sticker appears black on the adhesive side, and your eyes will tend to ignore darker colors and notice the brighter colors of the outside world during the day.
One way vision stickers can be applied at any locations where there are glass surfaces. Nowadays you can see them everywhere you go. Some of the places, where these stickers are commonly used are vehicles, malls, high end outlets, corporate office, shops, airport, hospitals, food joints, coffee outlets, convenience stores and service centers.
Benefits of One Way Vision Sticker
The following are some of the benefits of one way vision stickers:
• Ideal way to convey important information to potential customers
• A great advertising and marketing tool
• Offers a great deal of privacy for offices
• Durable and long lasting
• Adds security to your windows by protecting them from scratches and cracking
• Increases the life of glass frame
• The sticker can be pasted on a normal glass frame instead to opting for an expensive one way vision glass frame.
One way vision stickers are a great way to provide maximum exposure to your business. In addition to promoting your company’s message to the general public, the sticker also provides a cost effective way to increase privacy. The effectiveness of these stickers have greatly increased their popularity and demand. They are easy to use, fast and cheap. Since they are adhesive films, it’s very easy to apply them to the glass window. Simply paste the sticker the way you would paste a poster. However, it is better to call a professional if the size of sticker is rather large or it is to be pasted on a high distance.

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