Leave an impression with 3D sticker.

3D sticker

3D sticker is made in a way so that your design gets printed on foil. Then it is cut into desired shape and then applied to the polyurethane resin. Making use of transparent resin gives the 3D sticker a fantastic appearance, shine and elegance that is great for promoting your brand.
These stickers have a lot of advantages. You can get these in full color print. Besides, they offer a special effect. These are resistant to scratches too. They have a strong adhesive and are resistant to rain. They are UV resistant and available in a large number of designs and patterns.


The 3D sticker is used in various applications. These range from product branding to various other industrial applications. They can be used in automotive industry, construction industry, production of computers along with various types of pendants, medals, toys, bathroom industry, electronics industry, textile industry and many other promotional products.


There is a wide range of films available for printing 3d stickers. Each of these films has its own special personality that impacts the final appearance of the product.
Self-adhesive PVC vinyl is the most popular foil for making 3D sticker, which is printed by using a digital printer or doing screen printing. Self-adhesive aluminum foil can be printed with silkscreen printing. Adhesive chrome foil can also be used. Magnetic film is another option.


The 3D sticker can be printed on white, chrome, aluminum or even chrome gold and such similar surface. It can be printed in any color including silver, gold, fluorescent, or even luminescent colors, Glitter and so on.
The stickers made from polyurethane resin will be resistant to scratching. These can protect the stickers from the UV rays the sun so they do not fade. It also creates the effect of the lens that can give the label a special and unique color contrast.
Do note that the price of stickers will depend on the size as well as quantity. You can always ask for a free sample before placing the final order.
A 3D sticker is the best way to increase the public awareness about your business. Basically, a 3D effect here would just mean that the image will be protruding out in order to provide for that added visual impact. This way the 3D signage is able to add character to your sign by making it literally stand out. This is among the most effective ways for drawing attention to your business. Besides, there are the added benefits of high contrast, drop shadow as well as depth effect. It will make your sign board stand out amongst any kind of competition.


Also, they are much preferred due to their professional and permanent look. Do note that 3D Signage can easily be made from a variety of materials such as wood, stainless steel, or metal, brass, or even foam, or such other material. This material is chosen depending on the budget, and the kind of effect that is required by you.

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