Aesthetic Touch With Frosting Stickers

Frosting stickers

Give Your Windows an Aesthetic Touch With Frosting Stickers

All of us want our houses to look beautiful and elegant, which is why when it comes to home design, we select everything with utmost care. The same goes for windows. Applying decorative frosting sticker on windows gives it a very elegant look, which is why most professional home designers go for this option. In fact frosting stickers can be used not just on windows but on any type of glass available. Not only does it give the glasses a conventional, sand blasted appearance, but it is also an inexpensive way to decorate your home and office. There are wide range of frosting sticker patterns available, allowing you create eye-catching designs on your glazing and windows very quickly and easily.
A frosting sticker is a type of adhesive window film that can be applied to any smooth glass surface. Front doors, shower screens, office partitions, mirrors, french doors and signage are areas where these stickers can be applied. The most important reason why most people use frosting stickers is privacy. They give a modern decorative look to your glazing, at the same time providing security and privacy and allowing natural light into the rooms. They are also an inexpensive and functional alternative to curtains and blinds.

Types of Frosting Stickers
Frosting stickers come in different types, each designed for different purposes. While some types are made to increase privacy of your rooms or improve the strength of a window to protect it from cracking easily, others are designed to block the Ultra Violet rays and keep out heat. Here are the main types of frosting stickers and their functions:
• Frosting stickers for privacy – These stickers prevents people from being able to see your rooms from outside, although reflective surfaces can sometimes be seen through from the outside at night. They are available in varying levels of darkness. These stickers may also restrict the amount of light a room receives.
• For decorative purposes – Gives a stained, frosted, etched or textured appearance to the glass. They provide some level of privacy and block a good deal of UV rays. A good thing about these stickers is that they can be removed and reused.
• For security – These stickers increase the strength of the glass and prevents it from cracking easily. In case the window is broken, the sticker holds the glass fragments in place. It is very useful if you live in areas that experience occasional storms and natural disasters. They also protect you home against intruders.
• For preventing heat and UV rays – Blocks up to 80 percent of solar heat and 99 percent of UV rays. It reduces glare and may also also reduce the amount of light entering a room. You can save significantly on the heating and cooling costs with these stickers.

While choosing frosting stickers for yours windows around the house, make sure to choose the right type according to your requirements. Applying frosting stickers to glass is a cost effective way to improve privacy, reduce glare, lower energy bills and provide a decorative and elegant look to your windows. You can either install the films yourself or seek the help of a professional who will do the job for you.

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Frosting sticker

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