Privacy Policy:


The Company is committed to protecting our user's information and this privacy policy explains how we collect, use and then share this information. This section also explains other data policies that are related to the various services we offer, and also your choices to allow/refrain us from collecting this information.


Our company is committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of our clients, users, employees and also other individuals we work with. We ensure the proper protection of information, data and servers, and make it a huge responsibility to offer dedicated services.

Information our company collects from you:

We may collect various types of information based on the actions you perform on our website such as sign-up form, contacting us regarding printing queries, posting something etc. Here are some of the situations where we collect information from you:

The actions you perform on our website

In the event you use our services such as getting a quote, creating profile, share any message on our social media accounts etc, we collect the information about it. We may even collect information about the duration and frequency of the activities you perform on our site.

Other actions related to you:

Our company also collects information that other users provide when they share something related to you (mention your link, message, referral ID, or any related information).

Information about payments:

In the event you, as a user, conducts any transaction on our website (such as purchasing a product or service from our website) we gather all the information about the transaction. This data might also collect your debit or credit card information, account authentication I.D, shipping address etc. However, we will not collect any sensitive information such as your credit pin number.

Information about the device you use:

Our company also gathers the information about the device you use while surfing our website or conducting any transaction. We collected information about the device depending on your permissions. We use this information in order to analyse the various services we offer. Some device information that we collect might include:

  • Version of hardware, device, operating system, file names, software compatibility, signal strength, battery information, device identifiers etc.
  • Location of the device you use such as through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi signals, GPS etc.
  • Information related to the connection that you use while operating our website such as ISP, type of browser, time zone you are in, IP address, phone number (if you allow)
  • Information regarding the sites and apps that might use our links.

As a company, we also reserve the right to gather information when you visit any third party websites or services offered by them (only if they use our services). We do not interfere in their own personal privacy policy and thus only basic information such as the actions you perform related to our services, like us on social media platforms, click on any ad if we use on other platforms etc.

Third Party Information:

We also gather information about you and the various activities you perform on our social media platform pages such as Facebook or any third party partner when we offer services jointly with them. However, we do not sell your information to third parties from any kind of profits.

The use of this information collected from you:

We are dedicated to providing personalised and customised experiences for our users, and thus we use the information you provide us in order to offer you the most reliable services:

Improve and Develop services for you:

We try our best to personalise content and even make suggestions for you in order to offer realistic experiences while using our website. We perform various researches, surveys and test numerous features based on the information you provide and thus we continuously improve services for you.

Communicate with you:

You might receive some marketing emails, messages etc about the new services, programs, products, or special offers and all this communication is kept confidential. We may even use some of your services while responding to your queries.

Analysing the ads:

We may start various marketing and advertising campaigns as per the information you provide, and we do so in order to measure the relevant results of our ads and the various services we offer. We try to personalise the ads you see on our website, or on search engines.

Promoting Safety and Security:

We make use of the information you provide us in order to verify your activities, and thus offering security to our users. We try to investigate all the suspicious activities that occur on the site and make sure all the violations are handled with strictness. We even make use of advanced encryption services to add an extra layer of security.

Please note: We might use cookies and other similar technologies in order to collect information about you, the various actions conducted by the users, and in order to provide several other features on our website.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your hard-drive and they do not damage it in any way. These files make it easier for you to surf our website and take advantage of the various features. We also use some ads (from third parties) and they might use cookies and other similar technologies as well.

Log file information:

This information is collected from your browser each time you visit our website or access certain features on our site. This information may also be collected when you download something or add your details on our website (if required).

When our services are used by the users, servers collected some information automatically such as the type of browser you use, IP address, certain web-pages you view, requests you perform etc. This information is also gathered when we send some emails to our subscribers. This information helps us manage our marketing campaigns such as the list of emails opened, clicked etc. This allows us to perform more personalised services.

How we share the information:

Public information: In case you post anything on our social media platforms, every other user is able to see your posts. You are free to delete it anytime you want.

Websites and Partners: We may share the information to our partners in order to provide effective services or to analyse the results. These partners might include our email marketers, server maintenance experts etc, and we will assure the information is safe and not sold to anyone.

As a user, you understand that everything on the Internet has a risk to get exposed. Though we provide professional security and safety to your information, it is not possible for us to guarantee 100% protection.

How to delete or manage your information

In case you do not want us to store your personal or sensitive information, you are free to send us an email and we will remove the information as soon as the transaction is completed. When you delete your information, all the data will be lost and we will not be able to recover it. As a user, it is your responsibility to keep record in case the information is important. We may even access or share your information in case we receive a legal request. We do so in order to detect, prevent and address fraudulent activities that might occur on the website.